Welcome to Gregalor.com! Welcome to your doom!

Hi, welcome to Gregalor.com! Who am I? My name is Greg Knight, just a 29-year-old nobody who enjoys video games as my primary hobby. Well, maybe it transcends hobby status; I take it pretty seriously as an art form and I find something of value even in little experimental games that most gamers wouldn’t touch or even hear of. I dabble.

I’m something of a freak next to your typical gaming aficionado. I had a Nintendo and some games back in the 80s like most kids did, but after that I was out of the loop aside from the occasional emulator and pirated PC game until about 2005 when I jumped back in — hard.

I’m still playing catchup. My backlog is in the hundreds, many of which are defining classics that I’ve only experienced vicariously through podcasts and internet forums. I am an Unfrozen Caveman Gamer. Your lack of HUD elements frightens and confuses me! (No joke. I played the Mass Effect 2 demo and was disoriented by not knowing how many hit points I had left. How do I know if I need a med pack? What do you mean, there are none?)

I still haven’t played a whole lot of games from this current generation. A general lack of surplus money combined with Mt. Backlog staring down at me has me in no real hurry to jump on the 360/PS3 bandwagon. Not to say that the temptation isn’t there, but I make do with Steam sales to treat myself to something newer every now and then. Let’s just say it’s complicated. Still, you’d be surprised how much I know about the multitude of games that I haven’t actually played.

This site is a place where I’ll share my brief thoughts on the games that I’m playing and maybe some insights into the industry’s currents events, if I have any. Maybe I’m playing an old gem, maybe I’m playing an independent visual novel for the PC that came out this year. Regardless, I think I’ll have a unique perspective on things simply due to not being entirely familiar with all the mechanical improvements that we’ve moved on to. Maybe I can find something of value in a game that you would consider “unplayable” to today’s gamer.

I won’t promise highly professional writing. I can write well, but composing is a slow process for me, and there are games to be played, dammit! There may be times when I merely list out my stream of thoughts on what I played. We’ll see where it goes. The only reason I’m doing this is because I’d like to talk more about this stuff than Twitter or Facebook really allows, and to lend some permanence to my thoughts.

I only wish I had done this sooner.